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Years of Spanish studies helped out a lot here. I find that the rules we teach for how these tenses are used are mostly true. However, there are always exceptions. It helps to see lots of examples of the language before studying grammar in my experience. When I do it the opposite way in a language by first studying how grammar works and then seeing examples, I am often confused by all the exceptions. If I study content just trying to understand the overall meaning first and then study the grammar used therein, the grammar seems more familiar already to me. I am able to remember it better. Krashen's theories have always made sense to me in my own studies over the years of languages like Japanese and Russian. However, I have found that for people who aren't language nerds, they tend to prefer the more traditional didactic methods in which vocabulary and grammar are taught first. I would like to find a bridge in the middle somewhere between Krashen and express teaching of grammar/vocabulary.