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Unit 13 covered coursebooks and lesson materials. It discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using them in the classroom. Coursebooks are great for setting a syllabus for the class and helping the students to see continuity in their lessons. However, it can be difficult to find a book which perfectly suits a set of students so it's important, as a teacher, to supplement the book with additional material which is more suitable for the students. This unit also covered the advantages and disadvantages of using created or authentic text. Created text is best for beginners as it is geared at a specific level/learning point. However, as students progress they may find it quite boring and unrelatable as the material is not using English as they see/hear it in the real world or that they are interested in. When choosing authentic material to use in the class the teacher must be careful that it doesn't use too many unknown words or grammar points as that could easily discourage the students.