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This unit covered theories, methods, and techniques for ESL teaching. It began by covering some common methods and evaluating their pros and cons. This course focuses on the ESA method which encourages an engage phase, study phase, and activate phase for each lesson. The ESA method can be structured in three different ways, a straight arrow (E->S->A), a boomerang (E->A->S->A) or a patchwork (E->( ) ->A with a mix of ESA in the bracket area). Within the study phase, where the students will be learning the focused grammar point, it is better to elicit information from the students through prompts rather than have a teacher focused lecture. This unit also covers advice for when and how to correct students mistakes and errors. Using a code system to point out that a mistake has been made and the kind of mistake is useful to allow the students to self-correct. I struggled a little to fully grasp the point of the ESA method so I reached out to a tutor for some clarification which was helpful.