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Unit 8 is a meticulous chapter that explains the 7 ways to make the future. If it wasn’t enough with the four tenses we had been studying; when studying the future, it’s true the tenses become more complex and is really easy to get confused. First of all, we must take into account that the present can also be used as a future because there are times when we do actions where there is no time frame or some definite arrangements are to be completed in the future or for time tables and schedules. Though the most difficult part for me is to understand its usage according to predictions, because it might seem we could use them at any time, so explaining this based on evidence is hard for me. Yet for some reason, when the sentences are written out, is very easy to see what type of prediction or where in the time the action is being made. It is a very small chapter yet with lots of information that must be internally digested and probably be reviewed constantly to teach it well.