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Unit 2 focuses on the specific aspects of the teaching and learning process. It starts off describing the specific roles a teacher takes when in-class. He/she could act as an Instructor, Facilitator, Policeman, Mentor, Councellor or even Psychologist. Different scenarios that a teacher faces are also presented (mixed groups at a business company hq, individuals, etc) along with all the common advantages and problems of each scenario. Solutions for the most common problems and techniques are also provided. Then, there is an analysis of the four skills that make up human communication : receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing). Suitable activities for each one of these skills are also provided. The following section is an overview of the most common teaching methods, which are analyzed and described. This last chapter expecially focuses on the description of the ESA method, and its different sub-types, which is the main focus of this course.