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Evaluation is an important element of teaching as it helps track student' progress. There are 3 ways to assess a student's language level: - tutorials (given individually or for the whole group) - evaluation by the students (a great way to get feedback on what to improve in your lessons) - tests Type of tests depend on their goals and the stage of the course. - placements tests are used to place students to a class according to their current language level - progress tests are used to track which material has been acquired or forgotten during the course - diagnostic tests are given at the start of the course to see what the students already know - practice tests are designed for preparation for external exams. A particuclarly interesting overview of different external exams is given in the unit, which helped me get some clarity over the many types of international exams. The two main groups are general external examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC) and Cambridge assessment examinations.