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Brief Overview: It is important to have lesson plan for either experienced of inexperience teacher. The reason why the teacher needs to plan lesson is for the teacher to creates logical sequence for the lesson, to document all the lesson which is a form of record of what has been taught, and it can also be used for someone to cover your lesson. A structured lesson plan in important to help the teacher's success where it will be a guide of what the teacher wants to achieve and how he or she is going to do it. I've learned how to structure a lesson plan and be organized. I feel that this unit is extremely helpful and I will be using it as a guide for my future career. Lesson plan is very important to help me to organize my work, and know what I am doing in the class. To be a good teacher, it is important to be organized and have the knowledge about the subject. Lesson plan will guide how I want the lesson to be taught on that day so that I do not get lost half way through the class.