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This unit talks about the teaching of vocabulary, grammar and functions. It gives me idea of how to select vocabulary and the ways for teaching in different stages. Also from this unit I learnt about in grammatical structures teaching, teachers should focus on four parts and for spoken and written form teaching is quite a new thing for me which I am going to do it in my class with the students.The examples in this unit give me ideas about teaching functions in language. Also it helps me review the content in unit 3 of ESA type lesson such as \"straight arrow\" and boomerang type. Also for each of stage teaching such as engage, study and activate for vacabulary or grammatical structures teaching, this unit shows a lot ideas , some of them I have always been using in my class such as role-play, discussion, pictures using, and the chain story communication game seems quite entertainment and useful to practice with different tense or dialogue recall, I will use it in my future class.