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Unit 1 discussed the qualities a good teacher should have, the roles a teacher has in the classroom, the qualities a good learner should have, and a breakdown of language learner levels. The qualities a good teacher has can be divided into two groups; those pertaining to the teacher's personality, such as patience or a love of teaching, and those pertaining to the relationship between the teacher and learner, such as an ability to motivate or to involve all students. These qualities impact how successful one can be in the various roles a teacher has. For example, correcting kindly is important when the teacher serves as the Assessor, being entertaining is important when acting as controller, and having a good rapport with the class is important when acting as a participator, prompter, or facilitator. Finally, one must keep in mind the qualities of a good learner, level of language ability, individual motivations, and age of each student when hoping to be a successful teacher.