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I have always found that having a documented plan can help to keep the class on track for the task they are learning for a class. This helps to stay on target and becomes a record of what has been achieved by the students and teachers. I try to use bullet points instead of actual scripts. Perhaps a question at the beginning of each phase may help to stay on track. It may be hard to anticipate the time needed to complete each task for a new teacher because we would not know the level of knowledge of the students, but estimations can be made. It is important then to be flexible. Always check visual aids, materials and have them ready so as to keep the flow of the lesson going smoothly. It also gives the teacher credibility and therefore the gaining of respect from students. In conclusion of lessons it is a good idea to monitor what went well and what needs improvement. It is never a bad idea for checks and balances so as to prepare even more efficiently for the next lesson.