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I was looking forward to this lesson as this is one of the topics of teaching English I do not have any knowledge in. All course materials are provided for me, and I am expected to teach based on the textbook, so I was feeling a bit lost as to how to deviate a bit from the textbook and implement supplementary lessons. I definitely learned the advantages and disadvantages of the textbooks and I wholeheartedly agree with them. The role playing activities are a bit too difficult for the level of students I teach, but I can see a way to adapt it for their level using my own created materials. Thanks to this lesson, I also now know the difference between authentic and created materials. Upon seeing them defined, it of course makes sense, but it's just something I never considered. Of course what is normal material to me, would be considered authentic, but for my students, created materials are better most of the time because I can adjust them for the level of students I am teaching.