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Before this course began, I took a deep dive into the evolutionary underpinnings of phonemes (e.g. sounds can be broken up into those that are the product of slides, hits, and the ringing that takes place after hits). This unit brought that back, at least in the pronunciation component. I hadn't been exposed previously to all of the terms with regard to pronunciation; I only knew of plosives and frictives. Now I am fascinated by the physiology of vocal production and the ways in which it might be taught. (Side note: I actually have a paper I wrote for graduate school where I broke down the components of vocal learning in non-humans as well as humans and drew the distinction between vocal production--pronunciation--and meaning, so as I said, I am fascinated by this topic). I also appreciated the detailed description of intonation and stresses, as I think this is not only something that has to be taught to students of English but also teachers so they can be better storytellers.