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There are four basic skills in any language which are; receptive skills- reading and listening and productive skills- speaking and writing. To have a balanced approach, we must always try to incorporate all of them into our lessons because they are of equal importance. In this unit, we focus on the receptive skills- reading and listening. We can divide our reasons and motives for reading and listening into two ; for a purpose and for entertainment . If it for a purpose, it will help us achieve some particular aim or goal. If it for entertainment, we find it pleasurable or enjoyable in some way. We also look at some problems associated with listening and reading. Also. some factors that can motivate the students such as topics, create interest and task. Lastly , an outline of a typical receptive skills lesson(Patchwork) Engage Study Activate Study Activate. I will say therefore that , on the final phase of the study , the students should answer questions based on the interview.