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Though teachers do face numerous problems, one of the most difficult one is a group where most of the students are at varying levels, .Some students learn faster than others, merging these and other problems pose a huge task for the teacher to handle. Meeting a new group or new students to create a rapport between them, getting to know the lapses of individual students and how to address them. On the one hand, teachers face a difficult task and searching for solutions to manage these problems one- by - one ,is a big task too. On the other hand, creating an interesting rapport with new students or new groups, interesting warm ups ,interesting games and jokes, being humorous and funny to let the students feel at ease are just a few suggestions to giving them courage and interest to be in your class or learn from you. Even the teacher will try as much as he/she can, all the problems can never be solved, they just have to keep trying to foster a great learning environment.