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I have learned different types of lesson plans, such as- ESA(Engage Study Activate), Boomerang, Patchwork, and the Straight Arrow ESA lesson. As well as the difference between a 'mistake' and an 'error'. Mistake = Something the student(s) can fix by themselves. Error = The student(s) is not aware of it and the teacher will have to help them understand what the problem is. Something that I liked in the section of 'Simple Elicitation Techniques' was 'Gap-fill', it seems like it would be good for most levels (As well as 'Drawings'). I also like all the other 'Elicitation Techniques' that were listed, I'm sure they will be very helpful. The 'Code' for correcting spelling (or written work) was something that I didnt know about, but I was happy to learn it. I aslo didnt know that there were so many different Methods & Techniques! I think my favorite ones out of them all are ESA(Engage Study & Activate), Task-Base Learning, and the PPP( Presentation Practice & Production)