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What an interesting lesson, this was immersive and all about the correct usage of the present tenses. I am not very good at grammar and had to look up online quizzes and other material to help me grasp these concepts. I have learned that there are four different tenses, they are simple, progressive, perfect and perfect progressive. The use of these different tenses is directly related to the subject and what you are trying to say. Present simple is related to events that are happen regularly like on a timetable or schedule. The simple present also expresses facts in the present. Progressive is used with verb-ing form and when things will be already happening, or happens frequently and could even be used for events that aren't currently happening.The perfect uses has or have and will link the past to present and is more focused on results. While the perfect progressive is has and have as well but is focused on the durations, finished influence, and continuing actions.