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In this unit, we looked at the different forms and uses of the past tense. Similar to the present tense, the past tense include 4 main tenses: the simple past tense (e.g. I worked at night), the past perfect tense (e.g. I had been asleep by the time he finished), the past continuous tense (e.g. I was working on my assignment last night), and the past perfect continuous tense (e.g. I had been working on the assignment since last week). I learnt how each of the tenses can be used and how to teach them strategically.This unit went over the types of tests used to evaluate students English proficiency throughout the year, as well as external examinations used in real life situations. This unit has exposed me to several different external exams which I didn't know existed. I believe this unit placed an emphasis on the teachers role in ensuring that the students learn English that will be usueful in their everyday life and chosen path in life. There were so many different proficiency tests which required so many different levels.