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This unit is all about the International alphabet (IPA) and what it consists of, vowels, consonants and dipthongs. There place and manner of articulation and brief summaries of how they are made in the vocal tract. This unit talks about stressing words and where the stress falls. There is only one primary stress in a word, and a word needs stress for it to be considered a word. I like that this is being introduced; however, as a speech-language pathology graduate, I see that there needs to be more examples of techniques for indicating and teaching stress. This particular section in general was frustrating to me, as I found it wasn't written or explained well. This unit has chunks of new content put in long paragraph blocks. This doesn't make it easy for people to fully understand the content. One of the questions on this test, I feel needs a better example that provides clear information, because the example on the test doesn't match any example in the unit.