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In this lesson explain the conditions also called sentences. Conditional are two part of sentences which one part begin with If or When. There are many forms of conditional but there are 4 main one taught in this class. 0,1,2 and 3 . O: IF + Present Simple Followed by Present Simple, Condition 1: IF + present simple followed by future simple. Condition 2: If + past simple and would do. Condition 3: If Past perfect followed with, would have done. For those the clause n IF can be part of the first or the second part of the sentences. Then we have Mixed conditional. There is some fun of roleplay can be used to practice conditional phrases along with some teaching idea such as Split Sentences, Chain Conditionals, Nuclear Bunker role play ( My favorite), Complete the conditionals and What would happen IF..... I also learned: Reported Speach and direct Speach. The question word ( When, where, why, who etc) remain but the base of verb changes in a positive form