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I think this is a rather difficult unit to understand. This is because the different past tenses can be moved around in a sentence structure, so I imagine that in teaching past tenses it could be very tedious and hard. Often when I hear non-English speakers talking in English they won't always use past tenses, because they can somewhat convey their meaning without, even though it is incorrect. It might be helpful to show a visual diagram of what point in the past an action took place.The material in this unit was identical in scope to the unit on Present tenses, and I imagine the same will be true of the future tenses section. As always, although the use and the formation of the sentences and tenses was not striking on new to me, the rules and reasoning for them were. This seems to be the recurring theme, which makes sense given the goals of this course and its relevance to teaching the subject material, rather than simply having to learn the material in question.