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There are four past tenses that are somewhat similar to the present tenses learned in the previous chapter. The four past tenses are past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. There are several irregular simple past form verbs whose base cannot be changed to past simple by adding -ed, but are actually different words in the past simple form. It is important to recognize these verbs to be able to point them out to students because there are no rules to help them know which are irregular or how they are formed. Common errors with students when studying past tense is confusing them with present tense, and students often forget either one of the two auxiliary verbs (\"had\" and \"been\") when focusing on past perfect continuous tense. It is vital as the teacher that we are comfortable and knowledgeable in past tense verbs and the difference between them and the present tense, so that we may be confident when teaching our students.