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This unit contains information about the four past tenses that exist in the English language. I learned about the past simple tense, the past continuous tense, the past perfect tense, and the past perfect continuous tense. These tenses have different grammatical forms and usages in the English language. I learned how to differentiate each tense and when to use them appropriately. Additionally, through this lesson I learned how to teach each of the tenses. The activate stage was focused upon and numerous activities were detailed.This unit was good in giving an overview of the type of learners we are likely to encounter and some different methods in how to plan our lessons. it was helpful to note the motivations behind different types of english levels and age groups particularly those learning language as part of their employment requirements. I think it was beneficial to make note of cultural sensitivity when referencing the secretary and boss being in the same class and being mindful of that dynamic and how it could effect peoples position externally.