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This unit focuses on pronunciation. It discusses how meaning changes based on the words that are stressed and provides examples and lessons on how to pronounce certain words or which words to stress to express the speakers feeling best. This unit was insightful because I never really considered or noticed how I stress certain words to get my thoughts across in a certain way. Expression is a big part of language and the tone of the speaker determines how his/her expression is understood.This unit was an overview on how to set-up your class for success. This ranges from how to set up the physical space (table groupings) to how to set up a good working environment through the teacher's actions (voice, gestures etc). For my teaching style, I want to have lots of student-student interaction and discussion whereby I don't need to lead the class constantly. To accomplish this I may try the horse-shoe or circle groupings with lots of pair and group work, as the unit suggests.