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There are four things that students need to do with a new language: they need to be exposed to it, they should understand its meaning, they need to understand how it is constructed, and they need to be able to practice and produce it. Some of the lessons that we teach on language will include vocabulary, grammar, and functions. If I want to be an effective teacher, I will need to think about which ESA structure will be most appropriate to the class that is being taught and to the language that is being introduced.Going through this unit, I have learnt how to manage a TEFL classroom properly. I have learnt about everything ranging from the various ways I can use to interact with my students such as how to cater to their every individual needs to the seating arrangements I could use to make my classes more productive. I have also added more to my knowledge gained while studying previous units about teaching methodologies. Briefly, I can say that with each unit I feel more and more ready to start my journey as a TEFL teacher.