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A.K. - Canada said:
In this unit I studied two videos featuring the same teacher and group of students in a (presumably) Thai school. The first video featured a bored, unenthusiastic teacher who obviously had little interest in the class. In this lesson he taught an uneffective class based on modal auxilary verbs, and by the end of the class the students were clearly unhappy and some even a little confused as to the content. The second video featured the same teacher and students, but with a noticeable difference in the teachers demeanour and subsequently the students participation level was higher. The teachers more lax and carefree attitude (exemplified in his crawling on the floor and jumping to mimic certain animals actions) allowed the students themselves to relax more and then participate in group discussions. From watching these two videos it has become clear that the attitude of the teacher in an ESl setting is perhaps one of the most important factors in any lesson. The same content can be taught using a variety of methods but if the teacher is not enthsiastic or directly involved with the content and students then any lesson can \"fall flat\" or be deemed a failure by both parties.