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There are many different ways in which a trainer can make the learning experience more interesting and memorable for learners. One technique is to use teaching aids. In teaching English language, equipment and teaching aids are crucial. They drag the learners attention to focus on the study. I think that they are more attractive and enable a good understanding by learners. Those instruments facilitate the teacher's job, and allow them to take some break while using them. In this unit, I have learnt more of them.This unit was very helpful and straight forward. Though many of the future tenses only have a slight difference, it is important to memorize and understand the different meanings and usage of each tense. There are seven different tenses in this unit, with ?be going? and ?present continuous? as the most common. Each tense gets broken down into form, usage, typical mistakes, and even some great teaching ideas. The teaching ideas I find to be most helpful and will be applied to my future lessons as a teacher.