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In this unit an overall view of how a lesson plan should be structured was discussed and the importance of a lesson plan within a lesson. The section on being organised is particularly important, I feel that it allows the teacher to feel secure about the outline of the lesson and focus on other important factors like creating a rapport with students. It is also very important to remember that once you have come across a problem to think of solutions. A good teacher should monitor their lesson because quality and developing teaching skills are important.This unit discussed a few grammatical points. It first explained how conditional statements work and when which type of conditional statement is used. It provided exercises to help familiarise students with the (differences between) these uses. It then discussed direct and reported speech, and how tenses and pronouns can change between those two, which can provide difficulties for students. The tasks allowed me to check my own understanding of the grammatical points as well as think of ways to explain them and help students understand and practice them.