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Past tense is one or maybe the most difficult grammar point to many of the students (especially in Asia). I`ve been living in China for 4 years, and I noticed that even people with a high educational background can`t or just don`t use past tense when they talk. It`s because they don`t have Past Tense in their native language, therefore it`s really difficult for them to understand why and how we have to use it in English. This Unit gave me some good ideas for how to practice and exercise Past Tense with students, and how to help them understand the usage of the Past Tense.This unit talks about the developmental process of the course design: first meetings, needs analysis, types of syllabus and evaluation. Each of these parts are described in detail with examples to ease the student's understanding.I found particularly interesting the information about how to design a syllabus, once the groups have been made properly and the needs of the group have been identified. I believe a well thought syllabus together with specific tests to measure progress and identify subjects to be further tackled are the key to a successful and rewarding teaching.