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G.C. - South Korea said:
Learner are various in skills , age, education background, family language atmosphere etc. Unit 19 tells that teacher should group the different learners and bear in mind their personal characteristics. What the specialities beginners own,tips for teaching beginners are introduced at the start.At the same time, how to teach individual students arise more attention with the increasement in demand for one-to-one lesssons.This unit gives a bound of suggestions and activities tips.Inevitably,children as the young learner are born with lots of features that teacher should pay more attention on them.Business English demand is becoming more and more obvious in the group of business people. They usually are lack of second language skills as they have educated for years.However, teacher do need to teach the practical English in business situations such as phoneing,introuducing new goods and making a sales presentation etc.Therefore, a lot of equipments can be used during the different groups teaching which suggests clients analysis, for example, to know the innate requirements and do a detail plan for future lessons.