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this was an very well presented lesson because of the teaching video. By watching a one hour demonstration of the course material, I felt confident in my understanding. It would be a great option if there was a similar video for each section. The phonetic alphabetic might be a hard subject to teach but I see its value. The english language has many exceptions and irregularities that are addressed by the phonetic alphabet. I think that I can grasp the idea behind it and need to do some memorizing work in order to apply it.As a current educator I have had practice lesson planning for diverse population of students before. This unit provided insight on how to lesson plan for ESL learners. The biggest difference is the phases and how the phases are organized. As the engage, study or activate can be arranged in many different ways or in different orders. I would agree that it is important to reflect on misconceptions students may have when planning that way the teacher is more prepared for any issues/questions that might arise during the class.