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This unit is about Teaching Receptive Skills. There are four receptive skills in any language: receptive skills ? reading and listening, and productive skills ? speaking and writing. All of them are equally important, and the teacher should try to incorporate all of them into the lessons. There are two basic motives for reading and listening: for a purpose and for entertainment. As to students? objectives they can read or listen for predictive skills, for specific information ? scanning, general idea ? skimming, detailed information, and deduction from the context.This unit was two videos of the same lesson being taught in two very different teaching styles to show the effect of teacher attitude and how the teacher impacts the classroom. The first video shows a teacher using an ineffective method and not adjusting even when it was clear the students did not understand. The second video showed a more effective teaching styles and it showed in student participation and reception. I have previously done this kind of observation before but it always interesting to see and remember how your teaching style will impact the classroom dynamic.