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This unit covered, the important, but often neglected; pronunciation. Teachers are loath to teach pronunciation as it difficult to understand and teach. However it it important to teach it, especially intonation and stress, and they bring life to the language and they help in outlining emotions. Another important component of pronunciation is the phonemic alphabet, which is used all over the word to indicate the pronunciation of words. The phonemic alphabet does not change, no matter the English spoken; whether it is American English or British English.Unit 10 gave me the opportunity to observe a real life English language classroom. What I personally found most interesting was the drastic contrast between the two English lessons and the differences between effective and ineffective teaching. In both lessons the teacher presented the same lesson subject to the same English language students but his attitude, manners, and teaching style changed significantly in the ?effective teaching video?, which resulted in creation a positive classroom atmosphere and a better understanding amongst the students.