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This section was a broad overview of basic grammar in the English language. It was helpful to review these principles. Several sections were especially helpful. First, the distinguishing between countable and uncountable nouns. One needs simply to determine if the noun is countable or not, if it is countable in the given context than \"a\" or \"an\" need be used as the article. Second, as a native speaker articles come naturally, it was helpful to review the specific rules given to determine whether a definite, indefinite or zero article should be used. This will help in teaching students. Third, the review on auxiliary verbs was helpful (to be, to do, and to have). Fourth, I had previously been taught that prepositions were simply \"anything you can do with a log\". However, after noting the main types of prepositions (time/date, movement, and place/positional) it is clear that prepositions certainly stretch beyond \"things that you can do with a log\".