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Unit 10 is about evaluation and testing and talks about the types of tests such as placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, and practice tests, as well as external tests. the external tests are things like TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC. The Cambridge exams are also given their own section in the unit as there are many and they are well-recognized. These include the KET, PET, FCE, and ESOL tests, among others. I have learned about the many different tests that are available and what they apply to. I have also learned when to use the different types of tests throughout the year and I believe that will be the most useful information for me to have as a teacher. Progress testing and practice tests throughout the year will help the students and I to know what to focus on after placement and diagnostic testing has been done. Overall I believe that these will help to create a good set of guidelines for lesson planning and the subsequent evaluations.