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The final grammatical unit of this course covered modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal verbs refer to verbs such as can, could and may, which are used before other verbs to add meaning to them. Although they have many different usages, they frequently are used to give advice, permission or express obligation. Phrasal verbs are defined as verbs that are attached to particles such as prepositions, adverbs or both. They can be categorized into three types: intransitive, transitive and transitive inseparable. I have to admit that this section confused me because I have never dissected phrasal verbs and studied them; rather, I just use them naturally. Therefore, I will follow the unit’s advice and try to naturally use them in the classroom so as to not overwhelm or confuse my students. Finally, the unit also briefly talked about passive voice and relative clauses and provided helpful tips for identifying such types of sentences.