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This unit explained in depth the basic grammar rules for learning English. In a sentence, there are parts of speech that contain words, each of which plays a role in the sentence such as, nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, and definite articles. Reading this unit, I personally learned grammatical rules and the names for each rule. Because I'm a native English speaker, I wasn't taught all these names for the different parts of speech and the function each plays in developing a sentence, so reading through this unit opened my eyes to the English I've been using all along!Unit 5 emphasizes the importance and purpose of creating a lesson plan and following it through. It also provides us with worksheets that will come in useful when we are preparing for our lessons. I find the example of a lesson plan very useful as it illustrates each part of the lesson and how the plan should be written so that there would be no confusions for us. Not everyone is good at organising their paperwork. Drawing up the lesson plan is important especially for those who are not good at organisation as it would help to guide them through the lessons without going off-track.