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This unit was about teaching special groups such as beginners who are usually children, and or business people wanting to learn English to help them in their careers. Business people will usually range in age from their twenties to fifties. When teaching beginners, it is important to avoid using your student's native language. It is important to give you student as much exposure to English as possible. When teaching adult business people it's important to remember that some people are made to learn English by employers and therefore may lack motivation.This unit teaches the best ESA structures to use for different English lessons, including grammar, vocabulary and language functions. I learned that when teaching grammar, the best teaching structure is the patchwork structure, which allows students to first discuss with one another, for example, their favorite films. After engaging, they then activate-- which means that students pair up to give a brief synopsis of the their favorite film. Then students move to the study phase, in which they analyze how the past simple tense was used in their synopsis.