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This unit goes into a deeper demonstration of different techniques for teaching Business English. People who are already working or are moving towards the beginning of their careers are more receptive to more complex ways of teaching, therefore can be stimulated by putting them into a working mindset. For example, asking the student to analyze a real case study and to solve problems around it. The problem solving element is only a mean for the real end: getting the students to use their English communication in a complex manner.All teachers are bound to run into problems at some point. Once again, many of these problems can be ameliorated or avoided altogether by doing everything possible to engage each learner. Starting each class with \"Warmer Activities\" works well (even with adults) and, of course the ESA structure (either straight arrow, patchwork or boomerang) should be adhered to each class. As with ANY subject, getting \"buy-in\" from the students will make their learning more effective and the teacher's teaching more satisfying and enjoyable!