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This unit was about materials used in the class room. Wipe boards/visual aids/created worksheets/cassettes/CD/videos /dictionaries /photocopies/resource materials and course books. Authentic materials is everything from real life like, newspapers/songs/poems/magazines and a menu from a restaurant. Students like them more because they are more interesting but unfortunately not graded.Where as created materials are created for the level and grade of flash cards/cross words and word search activities. Visual materials reduce Teacher Talk Time dramatically. We focused on the course books.(student/workbooks/cassettes/teachers book/video)The advantages and disadvantages of course books. How to use them and four different options for the use of course books-omit/replace/ supplement and adapt. When analyzing a course book(when its your choice)look at the price/availability/design/methodology/skills/difficulty/syllabus/topics/teachers guide and what ancillary materials they provide.