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Unit 9 explained how to create a lesson plan tat helps to be efficient, flexible and well-organized. Some pages can be definitely used for actual lesson planning as a template. The recommendations about teaching quality are very helpful as well. There were examples of working with grammatical forms as well. As a teacher of Russian language I find the material like this very helpful even though it's not used exactly as it's recommended. When a teacher reads sheets like that they enrich his teaching strategy anyway helping to be spontaneous and flexible with time if needed.The acquire of productive and receptive skills are important in the proficiency of English as a language, and there must be a balance strike between the time input for both skills. However, as an EFL learner, it is often regarded that productive skills outweigh receptive skills in terms of 'value'and 'practicability', hence leading to situation that one excels in writing yet finds trouble with listening. In respect of this, teachers should step up in shattering this negative thinking by reinforcing the importance of all 4 skills through balanced study time and activities.