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The first lesson was clearly very bad. The teacher started with shouting out something the students did not understand. The second lesson was much better. He started with learning their names, and was smiling all the time. He also made small jokes, and tried to lighten up the teaching. He spoke in a firm voice, but still managed to elicit answers from students. He managed to engage them on another level. I could learn something from watching both lessons. It was excruciating to watch the first lesson, how the students was intimidated.I found this unit challenging and informative. This unit shows the complexities of the English language grave and gives the teacher a newfound appreciation of the importance of going \"slowly slowly\" with speakers of other languages as it really is a complex language to learn the \"ins and outs\" of, even for teachers of whom English is their first language. I feel that these challenges are necessary as it will, personally, spur me on in my teaching to find new and innovative active ways to make learning English an enjoyable process.