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Unit 5 covers how a teacher can manage the class in the best way. I have learned to be more aware of how I can contribute to a good class inviroment throug my own voice, gesture, eyecontact and how I adress,organize and interact with the students. How the students and teacher is seated is also of high importance to ensure good rapport, dicipline and student talk time among others. I particularly noticed that teacher talk time should be at a minimum and it is important that the instructions are clear and understandable for all students. This will contribute to let the \"student talk time\" be anlarger amount of the lesson. There is a lot the teacher can do to present problem behaviour like being punctual and well prepared, nevet løse his/her temper, being respectful and måking lessond interesting. If a problem arises the teacher should act immidiatly, focus onbthe behaviour, ceep calm, change classroom dynamic and ask colleagues for advice.