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This was a great lesson because it showed real live student and teacher interaction. I became even more aware of the importance of the teachers body language and presence. In the firs lesson the teacher acted as if he was impatient and irritated with the students. He showed little interest and enjoyment in the lesson and class. In the second lesson the teacher showed great enthusiasm and engaged with the students, the result was great because you could tell the difference of the energy in the room when the teacher was in a good mood versus a bad mood.From this unit I have learnt the ways that I can use to teach English to students. In particular, Community Language Teaching, the silent way and Suggestopaedia. Community Language learning is a great one, as I can introduce a topic that the students may have in common and they can exercise their English skills to talk about it. I found that the examples of the elicitation techniques at the end of the unit provided me with some good ideas about how I would go about this activity with students and how I may go about tying language features in with this.