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This unit is about coursebooks and lesson materials. Authentic materials can be so interesting and motivating to the students because they are real therefore the students gain confidence when they undertand them. Created materials are mostly to replace or supplement materials from a coursebook. Course books have some advantages and disadvantages. So it's better not to use the coursebook for the whole lesson. When the teachers plan the lessons, they have to think about which parts needs to be supplemented, adapted and replaced to motivate the students.Types of classes:Teaching beginners-student's need, clear and realistic aims,adaption,be visual,careful board work,language control,clear and simple instructions,pair and group work, questions,encourage english speaking, avoid studnt's native language,revise constantly,homework. Individual students-activities,needs analysis,find out the student's specific problem, maximize student's interests and experience. Business english: needs analysis,lesson planning a lot of business people still need basic grounding in english rather than anything too specific.