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Generally, and as I stated in unit 4's reflection, teaching tenses is in some sense the area of my expertise thanks to the years I spent in the contexts where the 'infamous' Grammar-Translation method was still welcomed and encouraged. Tenses were the first and foremost component of grammar that I learned at school 'about' the target language, and having been exposed to its teaching for a long while, as a to-be teacher, I noticed where learning difficulties might arise. Here, my aim is not to promote or embrace GTM. Rather, what I'm trying to say is that as an person who had decided to become an English language teacher, back early in my school days, I had this 'chance' if you like, to be a student at a time when emphasis was put on Grammar, and as a result, had this opportunity to observe what areas may confuse a typical student about English grammar, and now I build on that experience and try to tackle those problems in a more conscious way.