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Unit #20 is the last unit of this course. It talks about common problems and situations that teachers may face while teaching for the fist time both new and existing groups of students. The material of the unit gives recommendation on the activities that can help students and teachers to get to know each other better and to establish rapport. While teaching group classes a teacher should be prepared to see different levels of students studying at the same class. Thus, various extra materials can come handy. Mainly, this unit taught me how to deal with reluctant students.Unit 17 provided a detailed run-down of teaching aids and equipment for the classroom. Depending on the instructor and the size of class there are several avenues for using audio/visual tools for learning. I find the marriage between board work and audio/visual aids like photos, films, or drawings more compelling in the classroom. The classroom environment becomes more interactive and fun for the students, while also cultivating a firm understanding of the material. There many ways of learning and teaching, but by far, the use of visual aids are essential to the process.