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The unit focuses on teaching of reading and listening skills which are both useful and important when learning a new language. In the unit we can read about various ways of reading/listening depending on the purpose for which we are doing it and the information we are looking for. The main problems in teaching these skills are presented - like the language used in the text, topic and tasks for students to perform - and accompanied with suggestions of possible solutions. Basic keys to a successful lesson on the topic are clearly stated with an example of a related lesson structure.Lesson planning's important function are to aid in planning, have a working document and have a record of the lesson. Keep in mind while planning to keep it simple, don't script it, have some structure and maintain it, watch time, balance skills and be flexible. Be prepared with materials and teaching aids, know your class size and level of learners and have a variety of activities to engage, gain skills and activate the learning. I personally try to over plan at first until I know the class and what pace they work at and what special needs I may have that I will have to adapt to.