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Lesson planning is important as a means to structure the learning for students. It serves as a memory aid and a record of what is learnt. It is helpful to have pre-prepared lesson plans in case a relieving teacher is required to cover our classes. When making lesson plans I must make learning objectives for my students and list all the things I would like them to achieve by the end of the lesson. It is also important to time the components of my lesson and to have extra activities in the event the lesson planned is completed early, or is too difficult.This unit introduced the common uses of future tenses and how they are used. It gave useful examples for each tense, multiple examples for ones that have different ways of being expressed. It was very thorough and gave examples of typical errors made by students as well, which is good to know as when confronted in person, it is good to know how to explain they are wrong and why it is wrong. Each subcategory was explained well and even the confusion of the present and future tense was covered. All the situational and use of the tenses were very helpful.