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After reviewing this lesson, I once again found it very interesting how we use time in the English language. I never really thought that descriptions in the past were most likely to be used as past continuous verb forms. Also, even though I an extensive amount of grammar in college, I had almost forgotten that \"have and has\" are not part of past perfect and past perfect continuous verb forms. Lastly, I am grateful for the examples provided for the most common mistakes made while using these verb forms. It will allow for me to at least address these issues with my students.this unit completes our coverage of the English tense system by exploring the future tenses. As before, ?t cover their structures and usages and then provide ideas for effective classroom activities. This unit covers seven kind of structure referring to future. First future simple , continuous , and perfect tenses were explained then other kinds were dealt in the unit. For intended future actions we can use ?going to form? and for arranged actions we can use ?present continuous? as future tense and also for scheduled actions we can use present simple as future tense.