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This is a unit that deals with conditionals and reported speech. Conditional sentences are sentences that forms conditions with the words, \"if\" and \"when\". If this happens then that will happen, or when that happens this will happen. There are 5 main conditional structures. This unit learned me different ways of teaching conditional sentences to students. The second part of the unit deal with reported speech. Reported speech is when person \"A\" reports to person \"C\" what person \"B\" said to person \"A\".After going through this unit I feel more confident about teaching reading and listening skills and using different techniques to teach students these receptive skills. Using materials that are relevant to the student including the level they are at and the different interests of the class participants is very important, as well as creating interest on different type of texts. Lesson planning would also be very important here, as you can write out what the students can do for the engage, study and activate phases